Monday, June 4, 2012

Skirts, as it turns out, can be handy thing.  I personally do not like to wear them.  They seem a little too girly for me.  I remember one year in high school I tried to go the entire year without wearing it and I chose to wear one on my boyfriend's (now my husband's) birthday -- I thought it would make it a "special occasion".  But, I am going to be wearing a skirt everyday for the next two weeks.  You see I have found that using crutches and going to the bathroom can be a challenge.  Pulling shorts down while balancing on one leg then figuring out how to sit is rather complicated.  So, it seems to me that a skirt is the way to go.  I can pull it up and tuck it down the front of my shirt to hold it in place.  Who knew I would find such a good use for a skirt?  Now I sort of wish I owned more. :)  I am sure my friends will think me crazy as they see me on crutches in my skirts given I am rarely wearing them in the first place!  Another thing crosses my mind... these skirts that I am wearing also have elastic waist bands which as it turns out are comfortable... perhaps I need to rethink the "girly" factor and just wear skirts more often -- after all I am a homeschooler... I should be wearing denim jumpers all the time anyway!

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