Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who am I?  I am an everyday ordinary woman who felt called to stay home with her children and then felt called to teach them at home.  So, that is what I do.  I don't have terribly profound insight on any one topic but I want to get my thoughts down somewhere and this is where I am going to put them.

No, my name is not really Lydia Doe.  It is a pseudonym to protect the innocent and myself from embarrassment due to shear stupidity. :)

Why the name Spring Rain and Waterfalls? Have you tried recently to find a unique name on blogspot lately?  And then to have it have meaning to you as well -- something that describes you or your is HARD!!  So, after many, many failed attempts at uniqueness I settled on Spring Rain and Waterfalls.  It is long and wordy and for that I apologize.   But they are things I truly enjoy in life.  I love the sound of rain.  My children even know if it is raining and at all possible that it will bring a smile to mom's face if we can have a door open for mom to listen to the rain and smell the breeze!  I remember being young and sitting on my grandmother's covered porch just looking up at the rain drops and listening to the rhythm.  I miss that.  What makes spring rain even more special is that I view it as "renewing".  Winter is washed away and trees and flowers start to bloom from the nutrients it supplies.  And waterfalls, they are powerful and beautiful.  Even the smallest waterfall makes me stop and smile.  Both the rain and the waterfalls remind me of God.  He washed us clean in the blood of his son, Jesus.  He pours his love out onto us just like a waterfall pours over the edge.  Simple everyday events that while they pour downward -- point upward.