Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In my opinion, Suzanne Collins is a brilliant author.  I plan to write an entry another day that will have spoiler warnings but this one will not have spoilers.  If you don't know the names Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark you have not been introduced to "The Hunger Games".  I did not know what all the hype was about and I did not want to get involved.  I am not/was not a reader.  But I was working at a Scholastic book fair in a part that I was allowed to read between customers.  I did not know this before I got there so she told me I could go find a book from the shelves that I could read.  The first thing at all that caught my eye was "The Hunger Games".  I was not in the mood for "The Magic Treehouse". :)  During my shift I read the first 3 or 4 chapters of the book.  I was totally hooked.  I came home and had my husband get it on his Kindle Lending Library for me to finish (yeah for those who KNOW me you know that I am just dying to write about that experience due to the fact that I totally love paper!).

I think Collins has a brilliant writing style.  I know this is my opinion but let me tell you why I like her style so much.  I like books that make me want to keep reading.  I want to be drawn in.  I want to hunger for what happens next.  Collins executes this magnificently.  I am the type of a person who likes to read to the end of a chapter and stop there -- yep, totally OCD about it.  Collins did not allow me to do this.  Every single chapter is a mini cliff-hanger and you just want to turn the page and keep going!  I could not stop at the end of a chapter.  I had to do mid chapter stops where I found out how the cliff-hanger ended but got out before she brought on the next one.  To me that just indicates a great writer/writing style.

If you are looking for some summer fiction that grabs you and keeps you going all the way until the end I would recommend these books.  I am not saying you will like everything that happens in these books but you will be sucked in.  You will root for certain characters.  You will be emotionally attached to others.  I would like to read some of her other series but I don't want to be drawn in just yet so I have returned to some of hte non-fiction books that I wanted to read before I look more into her books.

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