Sunday, June 3, 2012

I only intended to put up one post a day but I just finished a very good non-fiction book and I want to write about it while it is VERY fresh in my mind.  It is called "UnPLANNED" By Abby Johnson.  She was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas and she left to go to a pro-life group.  The book is not an easy read in terms of emotions.  She tries to point out the thinking on both sides of the fence.  She does a good job at it.  I, personally, have been feeling called to volunteer at a pro-life group and I wanted to read in a non-threatening manner what others feel and believe so that I could be more well informed.  Well this book was an eye opener!

Upon her resignation from Planned Parenthood she was taken to court!  I could not believe it!!  People who were her friends turned on her!  But most startling were the reactions in two different churches she attended.  I could see the reason that the one church would not allow her to be a member but I agree with her that they fell short on their communication and follow-through with her after they made their decision.  But the second church who basically threw her out because she decided that she could no longer work for an abortion clinic?  Really?  These are Christians throwing out a person because they are pro-life?  Does anyone else think this is, well... um... backwards? I am still in shock by this.  I mean I know there are some churches out there that lead people astray but I have to say I did not see this one coming...

This book opened my eyes in ways I did not see coming when I started to read it. And it further solidified my resolve that my daughter would not participate in Girl Scouts whose cookies help fund Planned Parenthood!

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