Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I am not doing good following doctor's orders...  It is so hard not to bend over.  I don't want to step over that shirt of piece of paper on the floor.  I want to pick it up.  My house is far from perfect or even clean on most days but this is out of hand.  It seems to me that I have a desire to clean them up more now that I am not allowed to pick them up.  I have to keep telling myself to ask the children for help.

Don't blow your nose!  I have been following this one but boy is it annoying/hard!  Especially after using a saline rinse...  Don't lift anything over 10 pounds... UGH!  My four year old keeps asking me why the doctors don't like him.

No physical activity that raises blood pressure... they needed to be very specific on this one...  Like no raising BP AT ALL!!  Going up a flight of stairs too fast results in nose pain for me -- even laughing hurts!  I thought I could teach at my children's homeschool co-op.  I thought I could stand and talk for 3 hours as long as others carried things for me.  Well, apparently that was over doing it.

It seems to me that my surgery last year that left me on crutches and no driving for 3 weeks was way easier than this.  The worst part right now is that from my research while the doctors said 3 week recovery, it is not quite on the mark.  It may be 3 weeks of intense recovery but it looks like this can go on for months or perhaps a year.  The last few days I have felt really down about these things... Maybe that seems silly, after all I just had surgery, right?    Guess what?  Apparently there is a thing called post-op depression.  No one told me about that one.  Good grief!  I am a little better today than I was yesterday.  Just need to keep praying to heal and for safety for my nose. LOL!

Would I do the surgery again?  Well that depends if it works.  I can definitely see that I should have less sinus infections from this but does it help the migraines?  I might not know for several months!  So for now I just wait for that time to come.  Would I recommend to others that they go through this?  Well that depends on whether it works or not.  If it takes away 23 years of pain, then yes it was worth it.  If not, I will be left wondering why I tortured myself.

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