Thursday, April 18, 2013

So, I really truly want a backyard urban homestead.   It is going to be a process that takes several years to reach my final vision but I would like to make better use of the land God has blessed my family with and I would like to spend my time doing more valuable things around the house... more like the Proverbs 31 woman.  In this desire of mine, my first addition to my yard is a chicken coop.  I do live in the city so I tried to make my coop look presentable to the neighbors and I think I have succeeded in that.  I bought 8 chickens and am now waiting for eggs.

What I find surprising about this whole project is the number of people worried about the welfare of the chickens.  And not for reasons that you might think. I am not being questioned about whether my coop is the right size or if the run will be enough.  Instead I am being questioned as to whether or not my chickens will be warm enough outside...  now at first that makes sense to ask but let's think some more.  As far as I know chickens in the US preceded electricity.  Our forefathers were not concerned about putting heat lamps in the coop in the dead of winter!  I understand that I want to do what is best for the creatures that I have taken in. However, unlike some people I have no plans of heroics if a chicken takes ill.  It will not be going to my avian vet.  I do not have plans of heating the coop or providing them box fans like I have seen some do.  I do plan to try to heat the water but they have been designed with down and will fluff themselves up just fine.  I know that some think I am cruel but I am just trying to keep my priorities straight.  These animals while sweet in disposition and providers of food for my family are NOT meant to be treated like they are royalty.  I think sometimes when I read various animal forums (any animal) you can see extremes.  There is a difference between being kind to the animal and overdoing it.  I hope that my chickens like their coop and I may make some more windows to help in the hot months but I am not going to make them a coop that has more amenities than the local Motel 8...

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